Day 80 - Harvard Classics - 90 Day Challenge


Just Before the Gold Rush

When the glorious Western coast was only partly settled, Dana
visited the Presidios. He saw frontier life at a time when Spanish
splendor still gilded California.

Read from Two YEARS BEFORE THE MAST ..........   Vol. 23, pp. 164-168

Nov 17: Carlyle's SIR WALTER SCOTT

At Thirty Scott Began to Write

Are you curious about famous people, their lives, habits, personalities?
Carlyle discusses the intimate life of his illustrious countryman,
and reveals Scott, the man, and Scott, the genius who
entertained Christendom with his stories.

Read: Carlyle's SIR WALTER SCOTT .....................    Vol. 25, pp. 410-420

Nov 18: Schiller's WILHELM TELL

Apple or Son the Arrow's Mark

The arrow shot from his bow with a twang and whizzed through
the air. Tell covered his eyes, fearing to see where the arrow hit.
Then the shout of triumph, a shout of the people and not of the
tyrant—but the end was not yet.

Read from Schiller's WILHELM TELL .................    Vol. 26, pp. 441-449

Nov 19: Tennyson's MORTE D'ARTHUR

No Man Knows His Resting Place

A barge with black sails bearing three black robed queens with
crowns of gold carried away the dying King Arthur. Will they
bring him back and fulfill Merlin's prophecy?

Read: Tennyson's MORTE D'ARTHUR ............    Vol. 42, pp. 986-992