Day 66 - Harvard Classics - 90 Day Challenge

Sep 21: Virgil's AENEID

Aeneas and the Old Witch

The Sybil, an old witch, personally conducts Aeneas through the
gate and into the jaws of hell, where terrors abound on every
hand and frightful mysterious forms rule. There he is told of
the greatness and glory that was to come.

Read from Virgil's AENEID ...................    Vol. 13, pp. 207-218


A King for a Souvenir

In the days when kings rode to battle leading their troops it was
possible to make good the boast of the doughboy: "I'll bring you
a king for a souvenir."

Read from FROISSART'S CHRONICLES ..............    Vol. 35, pp. 42-53

Sep 23: Montaigne's TO LEARN HOW TO DIE

Dying Concerns Every Man

The Romans made an art of dying. The Egyptians looked on
death with complacency. Moderns fear it. Montaigne argues
that the purpose of philosophy is to teach men how to die.

Read from Montaigne's To LEARN HOW TO DIE ......   Vol. 32, pp. 9-22

Sep 24: Plutarch's THEMISTOCLES

Citizens Lured from Their Homes

When the serpent of Minerva disappeared from her temple, the
priests said that the goddess had left Athens for the sea. Moreover,
the oracles urged the Athenians to seek safety in their ships.
Themistocles prompted these deceits. Why?

Read from Plutarch's THEMISTOCLES ................    Vol. 12, pp. 13-23