Day 64 - Harvard Classics - 90 Day Challenge


Good That Came from a Game Pit

From cockfighting, bear baiting, and like sports, the wife of John
Bunyan converted him to a life of humility and reverence. While
imprisoned for preaching, he used his idle time in writing a fantastic
story of a soul's salvation—probably the most famous allegory
ever written.

Read from Bunyan's PILGRIM'S PROGRESS ...........  Vol. 15, pp. 13-23

Sep 14: Dante's DIVINE COMEDY

Dante and St. Peter

Dante, having journeyed through Hell and Purgatory, comes at
last to St. Peter on his throne. St. Peter calls for the aid of St.
James and St. John before passing final judgment on Dante's

Read from Dante's DIVINE COMEDY ............   Vol. 20, pp. 387-395

Sep 15: Washington's FAREWELL ADDRESS

Refused to Serve Three Terms

George Washington retired to private life in 1796, entrusting
"the preservation of the Union" to the "love of liberty." His
last appeal is a vital message to American citizens, as pertinent
today as when he penned it.

Read: Washington's FAREWELL ADDRESS .........   Vol. 43, pp. 233-249


Penalty for Silence

"Such felons as stand mute [do not confess] are pressed to death
by huge weights laid upon a board that lieth over their breast
and a sharp stone under their backs." Old English punishments,
recorded by Holinshed, make startling reading.

Read from HOLINSHED'S CHRONICLES ..............   Vol. 35, pp. 363-370