Day 60 - Harvard Classics - 90 Day Challenge

Aug 28: Goethe's FAUST

The World's Love Tragedy

"Almighty God, I am undone." With this cry of despair, Margaret
witnessed the fiendish work of Faust, her lover, who bartered
his immortal soul for worldly pleasure. A thrilling drama, based
on a famous medieval legend.

Read from Goethe's FAUST ...................   Vol. 19, pp. 158-167

Aug 29: Plutarch's ANTONY

Cleopatra Bewitches Mark Antony

Cleopatra rode to meet Antony in a gilded barge with sails of
purple; oars of silver beat time to the music of flutes and fifes
and harps. She went as Venus, and her attendants were dressed
as Cupids and Nymphs.

Read from Plutarch's ANTONY ..................  Vol. 12, pp. 339-349

Aug 30: Marcus Aurelius' MEDITATIONS

Simple Life in a Palace

Every luxury, all the wealth in the world at his command—yet
Marcus Aurelius, Emperor of haughty Rome, led a simple life
even in a palace. He left his secret in his "Meditations."

Read from Marcus Aurelius' MEDITATIONS ......   Vol. 2, pp. 222-228

Aug 31: Emerson's AMERICAN SCHOLAR

America's Greatest Thinker

Emerson was included in Dr. Eliot's recent selection of the
world's ten greatest educators of all time. Here the great thinker
discusses this force within man that makes him a scholar.

Read: Emerson's AMERICAN SCHOLAR ................   Vol. 3, pp. 5-15