Day 59 - Harvard Classics - 90 Day Challenge

Aug 24: Pliny's LETTERS

Survivor's Story of Vesuvius

The eruption of Vesuvius that demolished Pompeii and buried
thousands of people was witnessed by Pliny. He describes his
panic-stricken flight with his mother from the doomed villa
through falling ashes and sulphurous fumes. His famous uncle,
the elder Pliny, lost his life while investigating the eruption and
aiding refugees.

Read from Pliny's LETTERS ......................   Vol. 9, pp. 284-291

Aug 25: Kelvin's TIDES

Britain Saved by a Full Moon

We to-day know that there is a direct relation between the moon
and tides. When Julius Caesar went to conquer Britain his transports
were wrecked because he did not know the tides on the
English coast; a knowledge of which might have changed the
whole course of history.

Read from Kelvin's TIDES ...........................   Vol. 30, pp. 274-285


The Prince of Wales Wins His Spurs

A brilliant victory for the English king was gained in this battle,
a fight in which vast numbers of French nobility, many princes,
and the aged King John of Bohemia were slain. Froissart describes
all in detail.

Read from FROISSART'S CHRONICLES ...............   Vol. 35, pp. 27-33

Aug 27: Burns' POEMS AND SONGS

Priceless Treasures of Memory

"A man's a man for a' that." "Should auld acquaintance be forgot."
"To see her is to love her and love but her forever." "Flow
gently, sweet Afton." Every stanza of Burns is treasured. How
many have you stored up?

Read from Burns' POEMS AND SONGS .........   Vol. 6, pp. 317, 417, 442, 511