Day 49 - Harvard Classics - 90 Day Challenge



When Elizabeth Dined

Meals in the houses of the gentry and noblemen in Elizabethan
England were taken most seriously. No one spoke. Holinshed
records the strange table etiquette of our ancestors.

Read from HOLINSHED'S CHRONICLES ........   Vol. 35, pp. 271-288


The Mohammedan Jesus

The sacred book of the Moslems, the Koran, gives an account of
the birth of Christ. The Koran gives Jesus a high position among
the prophets but holds the first place for Mohammed.

Read from THE KORAN .........................   Vol. 45, pp. 908-913

Jul 17: Racine's PHAEDRE

A Throne for Son or Stepson?

Phaedre first persecuted Hippolytus, her handsome stepson, then
loved him. Suddenly he and her own son became rivals for the
throne. Should she push her son's claims or let Hippolytus take
the crown?

Read from Racine's PHAEDRE ...................   Vol. 26, pp. 133-148

Jul 18: Browning's BLOT IN THE 'SCUTCHEON

They Loved in Vain

"Browning's play has thrown me into a perfect passion of sorrow,"
wrote Charles Dickens of "The Blot in the 'Scutcheon."
Like Shakespeare's Juliet, Browning's Mildred plays the role of
a youthful lover in a tragic drama.

Read from Browning's BLOT IN THE 'SCUTCHEON .......   Vol. 18, pp. 359-368