Day 45 - Harvard Classics - 90 Day Challenge

Jun 29: Shakespeare's MACBETH

"Is That a Dagger I See Before Me?"

Macbeth, spurred on by the ambitious and crafty Lady Macbeth,
committed murder to secure the crown of Scotland. But he
paid dearly for his gain. Ghostly guests appeared at his banquet
and threatened him with dire threats.

Read from Shakespeare's MACBETH ..........   Vol. 46, pp. 357-365

Jun 30: Mill's ON LIBERTY

Rather King Than Majority

"Democracy" has not always been the choice of oppressed people.
The tyranny of the majority is a recognized evil as harmful as the
misrule of a king. And rather than exchange a lesser evil for a
greater, a rule by king has often been preferred to a republic.

Read: Mill's ON LIBERTY .....................    Vol. 25, pp. 195-203


Darwin Not First Evolutionist

While Darwin was working on his theory of evolution, another
scientist independently arrived at the same conclusions. Darwin,
then, was not the first to study evolution.

Read from Darwin's ORIGIN OF SPECIES .........   Vol. 11, pp. 5-17

Jul 2: Plutarch's CESAR

"Julius" Becomes "July"

So that the date for certain festivals would not fall one year in
midwinter and in the heat of summer another year, Cesar reformed
the calendar. July was named for him.

Read from Plutarch's CESAR ......................   Vol. 12, pp. 310-315