Day 38 - Harvard Classics - 90 Day Challenge

Jun 1: Marlowe's DR. FAUSTUS

Thrilling Play by Tutor of Shakespeare

For the best blank verse in English, read "Dr. Faustus," the masterpiece
of Marlowe, who gave Shakespeare lessons in playwriting.
This genius knew the secret of gripping drama.

Read from Marlowe's DR. FAUSTUS ...................  Vol. 19, pp. 241-250

Jun 2: Rousseau's A SAVOYARD VICAR

"Back to Nature" in the Seventeenth Century

A "Back to Nature" movement in the seventeenth century was
headed by Rousseau, who believed that civilization was degrading.
To save money for his work, he entrusted each of his children
to the tender mercies of a foundling house.

Read from Rousseau's A SAVOYARD VICAR .....  Vol. 34, pp. 239-249


Pulse Aids Epochal Discoveries

Galileo, by holding his pulse while watching a swinging cathedral
lamp, evolved a theory that made clocks possible. Harvey,
by feeling his pulse, educed that arteries carry blood.

Read from MOTION OF THE HEART AND BLOOD ....  Vol. 38, pp. 75-86

Jun 4: Goethe's EGMONT

'Neath the Iron Hand of Spain

Spain sent the Duke of Alva to subdue the Netherlands. In
quelling disorder he killed the people's hero, Count Egmont.
From this story Goethe made a famous play.

Read from Goethe's EGMONT ............  Vol. 19, pp. 253-259