Day 26 - Harvard Classics - 90 Day Challenge

Apr 10: First Charter of Virginia

Americans—by Will of the King

Before English adventurers could attempt settlement in America
it was necessary first to get permission from the King . The
charter of King James to the oldest American colony is an extremely
important historical document.

Read: FIRST CHARTER OF VIRGINIA .................  Vol. 43, pp. 49-58

Apr 11: Goethe's FAUST

Danger in Being Young and Fair

The virgin beauty of Margaret enchanted Faust, who dazzled
her with the brilliance of many gems. Margaret innocently took
his gifts, believing that beauty should not "blush unseen"—but
unmindful of consequences to follow.

Read from Goethe's FAUST ...................  Vol. 19, pp. 115-131

Apr 12: Berkeley's THREE DIALOGUES

The Perfect Argument

You would doubdess like to know how to hold your own in any
argument. Read what Leslie Stephen declares the finest specimen
in our language of the conduct of argument.

Read from Berkeley's THREE DIALOGUES ......  Vol. 37, pp. 230-240


Michelangelo His Boon Companion

Kings, emperors, the greatest artists and sculptors of the Renaissance
at its most magnificent period, walk through the pages of
his autobiography—not as cold, austere, historical character,
but as the intimate friends of Cellini.

Read from CELLINI'S AUTOBIOGRAPHY ...............  Vol. 31, pp. 23-35