Day 17 - Harvard Classics - 90 Day Challenge


Laughed at Locks

Prison walls were the least of Cellini's troubles. "Lock me well
up and watch me, for I shall certainly contrive to escape." In
spite of this warning, the utmost care of the jailers only furnished
amusement for the dauntless Cellini.

Read from CELLINI'S AUTOBIOGRAPHY ...........  Vol. 31, pp. 214-224

Mar 6: Poe's THE RAVEN

West Point's Outcast, America's First Great Poet

Edgar Allan Poe was expelled from West Point and disinherited.
So poor was he that when his young wife lay dying, he could
not afford a fire to warm her. The weirdness and despair of
"The Raven" is particularly symbolic of his life.

Read: Poe's THE-RAVEN ..................   Vol. 42, pp. 1227-1230

Mar 7: Bacon's OF JUDICATURE

Bacon Warns Judges

Bacon pointed out that a judge's duty was to interpret laws and
not to make laws. This single essay of Bacon's is a richly condensed
summary of the ethics of law.

Read: Bacon OF JUDICATURE .....................   Vol. 3, pp. 130-134

Mar 8: Cervantes' DON QUIXOTE

Dangerous Experiment with a Wife

Anselmo and Lothario were close friends. Anselmo, anxious to
learn if his wife were perfect, as he believed her to be, makes
an unusual proposal to his old friend.

Read from Cervantes' DON QUIXOTE .........  Vol. 14, pp. 307-319