Day 7 - Harvard Classics - 90 Day Challenge

Jan 25: TO A MOUSE and Burns' other poems

A Field Mouse Made Famous

A humble Scotchman, plowing his fields, turns over the nest of
a frightened mouse. He apologizes with the deepest sincerity
and explains how "the best-laid schemes o' mice an' men gang
aft agley."

Read: To A MOUSE and Burns' other poems.......  Vol. 6, pp. 119-120, 388-394

Jan 26: Herodotus' AN ACCOUNT OF EGYPT

In the Cradle of Civilization

A king who entombed his daughter in a golden cow—the worship
of the bull and the cat—scandal of the court and the gossip
of the temples is given by Herodotus in his delightful story of
old Egypt.

Read from Herodotus' AN ACCOUNT OF ECYPT ......  Vol. 33, pp. 65-75

Jan 27: Dante's DIVINE COMEDY

Dante and Beatrice in Paradise

Dante fell madly in love with Beatrice at first sight; but it is
doubted if he ever spoke to her in this world. He tells of his
happy meeting with Beatrice in Paradise.

Read from Dante's DIVINE COMEDY ......  Vol. 20, pp. 267-279

Jan 28: Thomas a Kempis

Man's Wings

A pure heart, says Thomas a Kempis, comprehends the very
depths of Heaven and Hell. And it is by the wings of simplicity
and purity that man is lifted above all earthly things.

Read from Thomas a Kempis .................   Vol. 7, pp. 242-249