Day 5 - Harvard Classics - 90 Day Challenge


Franklin's Family Tree

Good middle-class people, Franklin boasts, were his ancestors.
Some have attributed his genius to his being the youngest son
of the youngest son for five generations. In his famous autobiography,
he reveals quaint family history.

Read from FRANKLIN'S AUTOBIOGRAPHY ...............   Vol. 1 , pp. 5-15

Jan 18: Aristophanes' THE FROGS

Origin of Yale "Brekekekex-Ko-ax"

"Shall I crack any of those old jokes, master, at which the audience
never fails to laugh?" Like an up-to-date vaudeville
team, Xanthias and Dionysus start off a dialogue that mingles
wit and poetry with humor and keen satire.

Read from Aristophanes' THE FROGS ............   Vol. 8, pp. 439-449


Poe on Poetry

Regarded in Europe as one of America' s greatest writers, Poe
originated the detective story, perfected the mystery short story,
and produced America's first great poems. Here he unravels
the fabric of which all poetry is woven.

Read from Poe's THE POETIC PRINCIPLE .........  Vol. 28, pp. 371-380

Jan 20: Keats' EVE OF ST. AGNES

"Ah! It Is St. Agnes' Eve"

At midnight on the eve of St. Agnes there were certain solemn
ceremonies which all virgins must perform to have "visions of
delight and soft adorings from their loves." Porphyro took advantage
of this custom to win his bride.

Read: Keats' EVE OF ST. AGNES ..................   Vol. 41, pp. 883-893