Day 12 - Harvard Classics - 90 Day Challenge


Love Always Young

Pascal—an original genius—purposed to master everything that
was new in art and science. He was a mathematician and scientist
as well as a religious enthusiast and moralist, and he shows a
decidedly human side of his nature in this superb essay on Love.

Read: Pascal's DISCOURSE ON THE PASSION OF LOVE ......  Vol. 48, pp. 411-421

Feb 15: Dryden's ALL FOR LOVE

The World Well Lost?

The romantic and heedless loves of Antony and Cleopatra figure
prominently in history, literature, and drama. Dryden made a
fascinating play from the story of Antony, who sacrificed the
leadership of Rome, reputation, and life itself for love of the
Egyptian queen, who followed h im in death.

Read from Dryden's ALL FOR LOVE ...........   Vol. 18, pp. 53-69

Feb 16: Darwin's ORIGIN OF SPECIES

Social Circles Among Ants

Ants have slaves who work for them. These slaves make the
nests, feed the master ants, tend the eggs, and do the moving
when a colony of ants migrate. Darwin minutely describes the
habits and lives of the industrious ants and their marvelous social
organization—a wonder to mankind.

Read from Darwin's ORIGIN OF SPECIES .........   Vol. 11, pp. 264-268

Feb 17: Moliere's TARTUFFE

Death His Curtain Call

While acting in one of his own plays, Moliere was suddenly
stricken and died shortly after the final curtain. He took an important
role in "Tartuffe" which introduces to literature a character
as famous as Shakespeare's Falstaff.

Read from Moliere's TARTUFFE ....................   Vol. 26, pp. 199-217